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Firmenporträt: Über uns

You Are Welcome!

More than 80 years of expertise in windows and residential doors

The Walters have been producing windows and residential doors since 1937, and are now in the third generation.

Hans Walter established the company in an old stable in Kassel-Niederzwehren in 1937 . This small manufacturer was run by master carpenter Georg Walter until 1994. Today the company is run by the third generation, and Dr. Frank Walter and Gerd Walter are in charge of the firm. Its modern production facility in Kassel-Oberzwehren employees more than 40 people, producing PVC windows and residential doors. Approx. 22,000 window units are produced each year, and qualified installation teams are responsible for professional installation.

Professional consultants, forepersons, trained tradespersons and a carpentry customer service oversee the whole operation, from planning and the buying decision to maintenance and recycling. The entire production and installation process has been awarded the sought-after RAL Quality Mark. Walter Fenster + Türen is as happy to work with private individuals requiring single items as it is with the organisers of major projects. Residential doors and burglary-resistant windows are also part of the product range.

A special product that is recognised throughout Germany is the passive house window produced by the company that has been certified by the Passivhaus Institut Dr. Feist, Darmstadt.

We are also authorised to construct WK-2 security windows, and it goes without saying that all our products meet the EU's minimum standards and are CE-certified. Our RAL Quality Mark is your consumer protection guarantee.

  • Production of PVC windows, window doors and residential doors with the RAL Quality Mark - premium quality straight from the plant.
  • Installation of the components; also with RAL certification if desired.
  • Window care and maintenance performed by highly trained customer service personnel.
  • Carpentry Service + Glass Service as independent service departments for window, door, glass and roller shutter repairs.
  • Protection against burglary for all window needs.
  • Product range for specialist dealers.
And WHY do we do our 'orange job' like we do?

1. We have a passion for near perfection in an imperfect world.

2. We believe that not all windows are produced equally, and therefore we give our customers the chance to make an informed decision before they make a thirty year commitment.

3. We believe in doing it right the first time, and owning our mistakes openly and honestly.

4. We know your children will thank you for choosing us as your partner.

5. We have been serving our region and community for over eighty years, and we will continue to do so, because future generations of home owners deserve and expect it from our company.

You´re welcome!


Walter Fenster + Türen
D 34122 Kassel  Theodor-Haubach-Straße 11 Germany
Phone +49 (0) 561 / 9 40 99-0,  Fax +49 (0) 561 / 9 40 99-22


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